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Alchemy of the Heart

How do we discover our innate wholeness and goodness that lives inside our hearts? How do we come to contact the ineffable source of Read more...


How I Squashed the Jealous Monster Within

Many people have things in their past that they are ashamed to admit. One deep, dark secret I have (until now, obviously) is Read more...


Failure Isn’t Failure Until We Give Up

Failure is an illusion we’ve convinced ourselves is reality, and we’ll have to be willing to fail a few times before we achieve any kind Read more...


Meet Artist Murat Saygıner

We would like to thank Murat Sayginer for assisting us in creating cover photos for our new website.  Thank you Murat!  We would also like Read more...


A Step-By-Step Process For Feeling Your Emotions

Have you ever had those kinds of days where you wake up feeling funky? No matter what you do, nothing seems to shake Read more...


Finding Faith

Lately I’ve been feeling like I am on the Bipolar Expressway and most of the exits loop around Crazy Town. So I mindfully begin Read more...


The quest for certainty

Of many veiled and complex elements of humans, one which I now feel confident about is credence on labeled definiteness. In current impatient Read more...


4 Tips to Rise Above Any Circumstance

Life isn’t easy. It is filled with hardships, surprises, and constant change. Because these events are often out of our control it is Read more...


Color + Consciousness = Miracles

The time is upon us to live fearlessly and choose courageously as we were born to do.
Compassion for another human being regardless


Collaborative Footprints

When we are living in a competitive nature, we do not see our connection to the world around us and align our thinking based Read more...

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