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Approaching Spirituality Authentically

Like countless teachers have told us, spiritual evolution isn’t as much about feeling better as it is stripping away all of the falsities from our Read more...


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

As a child I watched, The Wizard of Oz once a year when it came on TV.  It was a big deal.  I hadn’t seen Read more...


How to make meditation ‘work’?

Lately, some have asked me “why is meditation not working out for me?” or “how do I meditate better?” Being an advocate of Read more...

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How to change your life

Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished. – Lao Tzu
My favorite way to make something happen in my life is to just Read more...


Practicing Radical Forgiveness

Dedicated to the victims of the Paris attacks.
Why does it seem we still have so much conflict and derision in the world?


The Do-Over Painting

The DO-OVER painting!  I attempted to paint a coffee cup but it was disastrous.  I even had the comic strip perfectly in place. Then Read more...


Spiritual Direction

In a few days it will be a year that I died in the emergency room. One minute I was having chest pains, Read more...


“Helplessly Hoping.”

Who is Gerri Stripling, and who is she to challenge Yoga Alliance, especially on some moral principal?
I am Gerri Stripling.
I am 53 years


A Meaningful Life – My Journey to Self Discovery

Do I know who I am?
Am I content with my body, my spirituality and emotional state? Do I know the meaning of self-love?


My Personal Experience With EFT

The first time I heard about EFT (or Emotional Freedom Technique), I was a few weeks into my solo adventure in Mexico and Read more...

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