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Peace Through Synchronized Global Meditation

We live in a world today where the idea of group power is being rekindled and where it’s momentum is gathering.  Humanity as Read more...


The Planetary Master Shift (Start deactivating your mental-emotional body)

Your body is a construct of energy, to be exact, you are much more than your physical body when you start looking deeper down Read more...

falun dafa

Returning to My Inner Self

I would like to tell you about my experience practicing Falun Dafa, a Qiqong practice based on the universal principles of Truth, Compassion and Read more...


The Veil is Thinner Than Ever


I enjoy writing reports about enlightenment, but some of the advice we’ve been given by spiritual teachers from the past isn’t quite Read more...

Mopping (2)

Humbled and Exalted

Would you mop the floor of someone who defeated you? Probably not. Yet there might be gold in such an experience.
Akoni Pule


Dirty Diaper Syndrome

Things happen every day: the car broke down; I got to work late; I woke up feeling sick; I looked at my bank account and Read more...


How To Use Guided Thought To Be Authentic

I’m not sure where I got this idea, but for the longest time, I felt I was being most authentic by paying attention to my Read more...


5 Tips to Let Go of Guilt and Love your Body – and Your Self

The vast majority of problematic eaters I work with struggle to cope with shame and guilt every day. This type of harmful thinking Read more...


The Dark Night – Awakening from the Trauma of the Human Spirit

We stand at a crossroads. Our very survival as a species now hangs in the balance. Even the greatest fears are now arising, Read more...


4 Skills To Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is extremely challenging. I know this because this is one of my greatest lessons and lately it seems as if Read more...

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