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4 Skills To Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is extremely challenging. I know this because this is one of my greatest lessons and lately it seems as if Read more...


Parenting… from the heart

I hope to keep this short. I mean, most parents don’t have time to read a lengthy article. With work, keeping a house up, homework Read more...


Earth Sharing

Sharing is a healthy and virtuous principle. We see it in nature and in our society as well. It is also commonly Read more...


How to Shift from Motivation to Inspiration

Many of us were brought up with the motivation paradigm. What that means is that our upbringing has conditioned us to achieve our Read more...


The War on Holistic Medicine/ ‘Holism”

Our belief in the ‘known’ has stifled our ability to respond to the ‘unknown.’ To change our approach and become explorers, requires letting Read more...

Oxygen Volume 14

God and Source: What’s the Difference?

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (1)
I was asked by a reader to give my opinion on the difference between Read more...


Freedom From the Fear of Feeling Powerless

True spiritual “power” isn’t the ability to imagine and implement an endless series of new solutions to old problems.
Rather, it is a radical


A Loving Message to Everyone

Here’s a short video from community member Mickey Carroll; a musical life coach dedicated to giving back to the world through community activism and musical Read more...


Whatever Spirit Wants

A friend of mine was eager to get her book published, so she attended a panel discussion by successful inspirational authors at a large publishing Read more...


The Need for Rituals

Every morning I have a sacred ritual. I get up around 3 or 4AM, go into the living room, light some candles, and Read more...

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